Are Your Photos Protected? Do You Have a Backup Plan?

I recently attended RootsTech, the largest conference for family historians and genealogists. One of my top priorities was to find the right online backup for my huge photo collection. I have tons of CDs and DVDs backing up some of my first digital photos, but they degrade and it's time to get my photos OFF the discs. Also, both my new computers don't even have a CD/DVD drive, so those discs are pretty much going the way of the VHS tape. I also have an external hard drive backing up my more recent photos, but if my hard drive dies, my computer is stolen, or we experience a fire or natural disaster, that EHD is no help at all. I knew I had to find an off-site, automatic backup solution.

One speaker asked everyone in one of the workshops if they would take $1 Million dollars to erase their entire history in photos, including paper photos, online photos, digital photos, social media, everything. 

And did anyone take him up on it....?  Umm, NO.

Unfortunately, when it comes to backing up our photos, we tend to put it off until tomorrow. And then tomorrow never comes - or worse, we experience an irreplaceable loss of photos. I'd like to share my 'find' with you:  FOREVER

Here is what my home page for my permanent online storage looks like:



 I wanted a company whose vision was at least similar to mine. Family oriented, in it for the long haul, protective of my copyright and privacy. A company committed to providing great customer service, continuing to improve their product, and a safe home for my precious photos. The ability to share easily. And let's not forget affordable. Forever has several options, as low as $5/mth to get started.

And I found all these and more with Forever. I chose Forever as my home for off site backup of my photos - I can even designate an heir for my photos, so that they are passed on from one generation to the next. My Forever account is mine - virtually forever! It's totally private, or I can share with anyone I want. There is no advertising and no mining of my personal information. I could talk all day, but I can also let Forever speak for themselves. Find out more HERE

I loved the Forever concept so much, I signed up to be an Ambassador for their product. I chose to pay a one-time price for my account and saved 40% off the monthly subscription price. You can even try out Forever with a free account with 3 GB of storage.

Even better, Forever also has a free mobile app that you can set up to upload your phone photos automatically! You don't even have to think about it. Unfortunately, the odds of losing or damaging a phone is pretty high, and with more and more people using their phone for their primary camera, a loss of photos is even more likely than a loss from our computer.

If you'd like to chat more, email me and I'll be happy to help.

Let's get started.




Note: The links in this article are affiliate links and I do receive a bit of commission if you decide to purchase a paid plan. You can totally use Forever's free account and free mobile app and I receive no referral commissions. Please know that I ONLY refer companies whose services I personally use and believe in. Forever is the only company with whom I have an affiliate relationship at this time. Thank you!


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