Winter Storm 2015 - Welcome Home


ice storm 15Yes, it looks gorgeous, blue skies, ice sparkling in the sun, but all sorts of chaos has ensued.....

I came back from 64 degrees in Salt Lake City to our first official winter storm in N Georgia - losing power, and, in our case, water for 48 hours so far. We took the dogs to the dog hotel, got out and charged our phones at my mom's house, threw out everything in our freezer and refrigerator (while hearing dollar signs in my head) and generally hunkered down for the long haul. Our area has many trees down, breaking at least 10 wire and 2 poles just on our street. Transformers are laying on the ground. Electrical wires are dipping into the lake! Yikes!

We piled on the blankets and Bryan brought up a studio light that runs on batteries so we could all see to get to bed last night. During the very early hours I heard the reassuring hum of.....the HEAT! The power was back on. Those guys at the power company worked through the night to get 35,000 people back online. Bless them.

So this morning, we're trying to catch up on showers, washing dishes and clothes, and then going to the (now raided and empty) grocery store to restock. I had to use my Personal Hotspot just to get this article online because now we're battling the no internet problem. It's scary how dependent we've become on electricity, our cell phones, and our beloved internet. Hopefully be tomorrow we'll be back to what we know as normal.



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