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Woot! Just posted a New Video Tutorial, featuring my entire (and actual) workflow for creating my Week in the Life album this year. Now, I don't have beautiful grocery shopping photos like Ali (that is just so not what my life is about right now), but I do have so many tips, tricks, and shortcuts you can use not only in Week in the Life projects (and you know that Ali Edwards holds that trademark, right?), but also really any scrapbooking projects. I talk about:

- rating, comparing, and deciding which photos will go into my book and how to make a project

- creating 3x4 prints quickly (two different options) and how to print

 compare photos scraproom software week in the life

- how to add text and/or word art (digital embellishments) to your prints

- how to recolor elements, and so much more!

how to make fast 3x4 prints for pocket pages scraproom software

And don't forget, you can use all these tips for all your scrapbooking, whether you are a traditional, hybrid, or digital scrapbooker! Even if you've never tried digital, I think you'll be surprised at how easy it is to dabble. Just try one new thing. You can do it!

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Please like our video and leave a comment if you liked the tips or leave a question if you have one. And as always, please please share with your friends! We are always continuing to improve and update ScrapRoom and your input is always welcome.

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