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beach photobombJust like every year, I look so forward to school getting out for summer, and then I can't believe it's summer already. My youngest will be an 8th grader this fall and my daughter will enter her second year of college. No wonder I'm tired.

Looking back at this year so far, I had such big plans for getting some things done.  I have always been one to take on more than I can possibly manage but this spring I hit a hurdle I just couldn't jump over. My son - my awesome, happy go lucky child - had a really rough year. We changed schools (at his request/begging), he was really sick the entire year, and he's experiencing what I'll call here 'failure to thrive'. That is usually something that I associate with babies, but my 6'2" 13 year old is going through it now. It's breaking my heart.

So in between doctors appointments and testing, I still have my Spring To Do List. Maybe if I post it, I will be more likely to check some things off this summer.

1. Actually log in to the four classes I've signed up for online. Some at Big Picture, some at Studio Calico. How can I not have time for this??

2. Work on and finish my book, Photo Alchemy.

3. Revamp my Photo Harmony class, which I'm retitling Photo Alchemy to go along with my book.

4. Visit with friends - I have a new movie friend and one of my besties has just moved back in state! Woot!

The day after school ended, we went down to the beach to regroup and get some much needed rest. We stayed at a friend's house and it was just lovely. The beach is my relaxing place - especially since my husband and I both work from home. Sometimes it's just not possible to relax in my own home.

I'll leave you with a few seconds of peaceful sounds from our trip: HERE.  It's only 19 seconds, but I promise you'll feel a tad bit refreshed after watching.

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