New Service: Photo Organizing, Album Design for YOU!

What a fun week! After gaining so much satisfaction in completing a graduation book for my own daughter, and having so many of our photography studio clients ask for it, I decided to send out an email with a very special offer: personal photo organizing and custom album design. I"m calling it: Gather Your Life (trademark applied for)

And what a great response I've gotten. I've really enjoyed talking to people about their projects, their families, and what they need. Guess what? Everyone has great intentions. They want to have something special and they value their photos very much. Many have started project just to become frustrated with the sheer volume of it, or the insecurity that they aren't creative enough, or really - they just don't have the time.I created a really fabulous product to help you do that, but if you don't want to tackle things on your own, keep reading...Fewer Photos

I'm really good at organizing. I love it. I really love photos and know the long term value of them. I've been in charge of keeping client files organized and stored for over 20 years. MILLIONS of negatives and digital files. Which ones to keep, which ones to let go. And nothing is more satisfying than being able to find your own photos.

I'm also really good at designing albums for others. Not including 100+ of my own albums, gifts for family and friends, I've designed well over 500 wedding and family albums for our clients. Over 500!! So don't worry about doing it yourself. Hand it over to a trusted professional.

The biggest question I get about this new service is how much does it cost? Honestly, it's very difficult to answer because every project is different and has different needs. But I will be as up front as possible, based on information you can provide. And you know what?

In over 20 years, I've NEVER had a client say:

I wish I had spent less money on my photos/album.

I wish I had fewer photos.

I wish I had less to choose from.

But I can't count how many times I HAVE had a client say:

That photo means the world to me.

I will cherish this forever.

The most important things are own are my photos and albums.

I don't care how much that cost, it was the best money I've ever spent.

Another observation: EVERYone who had started a project, wished that they had turned it over to someone else, rather than have it sit unfinished today. So what are you waiting for? Let's get started! My time is definitely limited, but please EMAIL ME with your ideas and get one step closer to someone you will love and cherish for a lifetime.





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