The Importance of Everyday Photos

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After custom wall portraits and artwork, the biggest request we get in our photography studio is for custom designed albums. Of course, we are using our professional portraits, but I have always wanted to help clients with their own everyday photos - which is why I created ScrapRoom, and now, Gather Software. The whole idea behind both programs is to give the ability to organize, store, and create with your personal photos, even if you are new to digital. Actually - especially if you are new to digital. Or have tried more complicated programs like Adobe Photoshop, Elements, or Lightroom.

Our tools are simple and straightforward, pared down to the ones you need the most. We use words instead of icons whenever possible, and you only need one program to do everything. We've got lots of training videos online and classes in our shop if you need an extra helping hand and don't know where to begin.

Still, there are lots of people who have more money than time or just don't feel they are creative enough to create something on their own. That's why we are beginning to offer custom album design in our studio using clients' personal photos! I'm so excited about this because I really LOVE the photos that we take in the moment, the little bits and pieces we want to remember and share.

This all fits so perfectly within our logo/motto: Gather Your Life. Isn't that what a photo album is? A gathering of moments and memories. One glance can take you back so quickly to another time and place. Another emotion. Other people. 

I felt this again so strongly when I started playing around with my daughter's high school photos to create a sample book for our studio. It's one thing to talk about the possibility of a book and quite another thing to hold one in your hand. Of course, I have over 100 of my own scrapbooks and photo albums in my personal collection, but I needed something I could use to inspired clients without my own albums at risk.

I began to create a much different album than I normally make. This one was much more photo centric, like my travel albums. Don't you just love big photos? Less writing and more moments. The pages were still pretty simple, but packed a lot of emotion, I realized, as I looked at them and experienced high school with my daughter all over again.

All the trips, activities, friends, things we stressed over that don't really matter now, the things that went by too quickly that now matter the most. What a ride.

I began to want more and gathered even more photos, going back to her earlier childhood - trips we took, the funny things she used to do, her favorite outfits.

In our everyday life, it's so easy to become stressed and busy and not stop to appreciate everything going on around us. But in looking back at our everyday photos, we can go back and realize that it's a good life. A wonderful life. And it's worth celebrating.

For more information on having an album designed with your own photos, or for personal help organizing your photos, email me. I'd love to help.




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