My Grandmother's House

Maybe we need to start looking at our family's history differently. Instead of becoming overwhelmed with our ENTIRE family's history - all the research and the documents and the whole shebang....What if we just started one little bit at a time? Suddenly, telling our family's story becomes much easier.

I have very few pictures of my family - especially my grandparents. Recently, I found an album at my mom's house containing some photos from my grandmother's house and I had them scanned. There wasn't really a coherent story, but I really wanted to do something with them, so I just started placing photos on the pages (you know Gather is just drag and drop, right?) and then began typing anything that came to mind. I was amazed at what came flowing out. I started with simple, clean white background and a photo. (The picture is a collage of several pages together - this is not all on the same page):

GrandmommasHouse-Gather-Software-1 1

Then some of the photos seemed to need a black background, so I tried a few of those (again, several pages together):

GrandmommasHouse-Gather-Software-1 3

By then I was in a groove and made a few more elaborate, yet still simple pages:

GrandmommasHouse-Gather-Software-1 2

They are all different, but still simple and they work in a single book because they are all about my Grandmother's House (of course it was Granddaddy's house, too, but we always called it Grandmomma's house) and my memories there. I began to get much more excited about 'genealogy'. Sure, I can add more to this later and make a more complete history, and some things I will have more photos of than others, but isn't the most important thing to just get started??

You can do this!



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