More Alaska and Seattle Photos: First Album Completed

My Christmas break certainly did some good - for my creative spark is back, baby! I started my Alaska album (remember, there were over 2000 photos to begin with. eek!) and I posted a few pages earlier in the week. I got so into the groove that I just kept going and completed my first volume of this amazing trip! I've already received my printed book and will be posting a video next week. (Be sure to subscribe to my channel to know when it's posted) I'll be showing the entire book and the features of the printing. I decided there was no way I could fit all the excellent photos in one book, so I split the trip into Seattle and the actual cruise and Alaska. I was so happy with how this volume turned out.

Here are more pages and thoughts until my video is posted:


 I like to keep things as simple as possible. I didn't create every single page from scratch. If your album printer has good templates, USE THEM! One drawback is you are limited on fonts and some things like that. But I found enough to be able to have a mix of both custom designed pages as well as totally customized pages made in Gather/ScrapRoom.


More at the market. What an amazing place for photos. You'll also notice that when the photos are beautiful and colorful, less design is actually preferable. You don't need a lot of stuff. Let your photos speak for themselves.


When traveling, I always take a photo of any signage, not only to help me remember things, but I can use that as my journaling.


I also love a two page spread. Especially when it's a vibrant as this one.

Alaska-Gather-Software-Page 12

More Star Wars costumes. This display was incredible, but there's no need to have large photos of all of them. Again, I used a pre-made template and moved on.

Alaska Vol 1 pg 30

The page above has more journaling and in my typical scrapbooks, this is about the amount of journaling and story that I include. I feel that the story is just as important as the photos. In a travel book, it's not always the case. But there will be pages that include more details and more of the story, especially in volume 2.

Alaska Gather Software pg 33

Again, don't be afraid to make a favorite photo into a two page spread. It's also a great segway into a new story or new location. Like a new thought. It's also good if you've made lots of really busy pages to give your eyes a chance to rest and appreciate your photography skills.

Lots more pages coming in the video and also in Volume II.



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