Barb Groth's New Book Added to our Store

 I mentioned a while back that Barb Groth had re-issued her book "Guide to Creating a Digital Genealogy Scrapbook" to include instructions for ScrapRoom. Now we've added her book to our store!

It's actually a link to her store, so be sure to click on the link in the description and don't try to add it to your cart here. We'll get that updated soon so that it will go directly to her cart, but for now, we'd love to share Barb's book with you!

Barb is a digital genealogy specialist and her book is full of tips and tricks for creating a family history book that will beg to shared! No more boring binders.

We will be working together soon to create an edition for Gather. Barb was a huge inspiration for creating our Gather Software and I look forward to working with her more, possibly at some events!



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