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What an exciting day! Not only is this my first blog post (on my new site) - but it’s big news! I can now officially announce that I am going to be a Coach in Stacy Julian’s Photo Freedom class ( I am super hyped about this and have been dreaming about and planning for this for two years!

I was first introduced to Stacy and her Library of Memories system when I purchased her first book, “ The Big Picture”, several years ago. In 2010, I took her LOM class and loved it. It totally works and has changed the way I scrapbook today. The best part of Stacy’s system is that it is customizable to each user - pick and choose what works for you - and tweak what you’d like.

While trying to sort and organize my digital photos during the class, I became so frustrated with the lack of a software that would perform all the tasks I needed to become organized and efficient. I limped along, until my husband suggested that I create my own software. Of course, I thought he was crazy and ignored him, until I realized that I could hire someone to do the development! And here we are, almost 3 years later, about to release the most incredible software - My Digital ScrapRoom! It’s the first and only one of it’s kind - perfect for scrapbookers and Library of Memories/Photo Freedom users! Anyone who wants to find their photos and use them in any way will love this system. And, bonus: you can also edit your photos, and create digital pages, making digital scrapbooking easy and fun.

scrap-puppyIt has been a very long and hard 3 years, but I am totally committed to bringing this project to life. I’ve been able to test several of the components and just can’t believe how amazing it’s going to be. (See my first page.) Believe me, I am so impatient to share this with the world, but perfection takes time. Even though the developers have hit delays (you won’t believe how many features there are!), we are still planning to have My Digital ScrapRoom ready in time to get your photos organized during Photo Freedom.

Class Tip: I know you are incredibly anxious to get started with Pre-Class items, and while you are waiting for the software, the best thing you can be doing is taking 20 minutes a day to delete images that you are not going to scrapbook or need. You know, the blurries, the duplicates, the ones you shot for your friends, etc. As Stacy says, “You can do this!” If you can just get started on this, you will have an amazing jump start for the class. Then, when the software is ready, you can jump right in tagging, rating, rearranging, and enjoying your digital images again.

I am so looking forward to meeting everyone in the class and helping them attain Photo Freedom with their digital images. See you in class!



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