Doing a Print Test for the Best Photos Possible

Hey there! My summer break is winding down (I'll be back full time after Labor Day), but this article just came across my desk and I HAD to share. Funnily enough, I was talking about this earlier today with a potential client who wants to create a Senior scrapbook for her son graduating in May. She is about to print scads of photos and wanted to know where to print locally. My advice is to do a PRINT TEST with your photos. I share how to do this in my Photo Alchemy classes, but you can also watch a short video by clicking on the photo link below:

How To Do a Print Test to Find the Right Printer for your Digital Photos by ScrapRoom Software

To read the article from Clickin Moms, a professional photographers magazine for women, click HERE.  The writer is a professional photographer who is using a professional printing lab not available to the public, but it's important to do a print test for your consumer labs to get the most out of your photos.

Click through to read more about how to do this on your own.


It's really very simple to perform your own print test. I can't stress enough how important this is to getting the best prints from your photos. Lots of people think that their photos aren't very good or that they are too light/too dark/out of focus. Well, sometimes they are, but many times, it's the lab you are using to print your photos. (And if you are not printing your photos, that's another discussion we need to have.)

To do a print test, pick at least one - I like to pick 3 - photos that look like they would print well. Nicely exposed, pretty much in focus, something you really like and makes you happy. Send the same 1-3 photos to at least 3 different labs. They can be local or an online lab, it doesn't matter. You can even use your home printer to compare between at-home prints and the labs. Once all the prints return, compare them side by side to see the difference. You'll be amazed! 

I only show 3 photos in the video to make sure that you can see the differences on screen. Lots of my friends use the local Costco, but I have had terrible luck there and my images are all muddy and slightly out of focus. Maybe my background in our professional studio has trained my eye a bit better, but I would think everyone would want the best possible image! It actually seems that my local Target does a great job and has beautiful color. The writer in the article has better luck with her local Costco than Target/Shutterfly. I'm sure every lab varies at every location because it has a lot to do with how clean their equipment is and how often they change their ink. And keep in mind, you may have to change labs occasionally if they get a new staff or new equipment. It pays to check around.

I'd love to hear if you do a print test what your results were! Please leave a comment and let me know. Happy printing!



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