ScrapRoom Featured in Class at SoCal Genealogy Jamboree


ScrapRoom-Software-Barb-Groth-book-family-digital-history-book-genealogySOLD OUT! I reported recently that ScrapRoom was featured in Barb Groth's class at the SoCal Genealogy Jamboree AND that Barb was re-writing her book to have ScrapRoom replace Adobe products (yay!). I'm thrilled to report that Barb's book not only sold out, but that the Jamboree has already asked Barb and I to teach again next year! 

I was in Alaska while the class was going on for a much needed family getaway (watch for videos coming soon on creating a digital photo book and organizing my vacation photos) but Barb reported that some students were skipping ahead and working on their own during class because they were able to pick up the software on their own. That's exactly how we planned for ScrapRoom to work!

During class, users downloaded the free demo of ScrapRoom, then downloaded a free template from YinDesigns and created a page live in class. 

Barb is a true authority on family history and genealogy, as well as creating digital family history books and we have some exciting plans for working together in the coming year. More on that later.....

Hope you are having a super summer!



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