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owlySummer is here!  I hope you have plans for plenty of family time, vacation time, hobby time, or whatever makes you happiest.  While those of us with kids home find it challenging to carve out some craft time, there are a few things we can do to keep moving forward in our story-telling and photo organizational journey.

Here are 3 tried and true (in our house) methods to get something done.

1.  Go through a physical box of photos while kids are watching a movie or playing with your iPad.  Yes, I know, before I had kids, I said I'd never use the tv (these days, insert iPad, iPhone, etc.) to babysit. But a little technology doesn't hurt and these days, the shows get the kids moving more than I did!  In fact, if it makes you feel better, my oldest watched tons of Disney and Barney and still earned a full out-of-state tuition scholarship.  See?  It can happen. 

2.  If your kids are old enough for scissors, give them the rejects or the extras from your photobox sort when the movie is over and some scrap paper and scotch tape.  Let them make their own page while you start a layout of your own.  Who knows, you may want to save theirs.  Or, you may save them while they are looking, and then later, purge.  I promise - it's ok.  Even if you are one of those moms who saves everything (I did, too), it's amazing what you can throw out later.  My daughter cared very little about most of what I saved throughout her school years.  I purged most of it and saved only my favorites or what I thought was the most important.  I plan to move to Hawaii one day, so I don't want to take every single thing, right?

3.  Set a kitchen timer for 8-20 minutes - again, depending on kids' ages.  Let them read to themselves, color, or play a quiet game and you go through a month (or two) or digital photos in ScrapRoom.  Purge, rate, and keyword as many as you can.  Use a ScrapRoom bookmark to keep your place so you can start again tomorrow.  The photo above is my new little timer I found at Francesca's boutique.  Too cute!  When the timer is up - reset it and give the kids your undivided attention.  It makes a game of 'give mom a few minutes to herself' and they look forward to their turn with the timer.  :)

You see, it's not marathon sessions that get things done - it's the consistent day to day little bits that add up to getting your photos organized.  As you know begin to see 'where' your photos are, you can start printing again, or making some pages - either traditional or digital.  With ScrapRoom, you can do both!

ScrapRoom is designed to help you along in your process, by keeping everything together in one program.  Little extras like bookmarks (I need to make a video about that, actually.) and Project files help you keep up with where you are in your creative process.  The P and S buttons tell you immediately whether you've printed and/or scrapbooked your images.  All these little things add up to one powerful software - power that you can use to tame your photo library.

You can do this!  And remember, it's the first step that's the hardest.  I challenge you to take that step to getting your photos under control and out of the depths of your computer.  You'll be glad you did.




Chat Recap from Live Launch 5/21/13

On May 21, we sat down with Blayne White, the creator (and creative genius) behind My Digital ScrapRoom. We wanted to scrap you a better picture of how and why Blayne created ScrapRoom. 


Official Launch & Live Event 5/21/13

Event FB

It's here!  The official launch of My Digital ScrapRoom Version 1.  It has been a long time coming, but it has been so worth it.  I am loving playing with ScrapRoom and getting my photos organized and also dabble in digital scrapooking.  I am 95% a traditional scrapper, but I do like to make some quick digital pages or projects.  I am especially loving making my own journaling cards for Project Life with digital elements.  Have you tried this yet?  Watch this video to see how simple it is.  Use Ali Edwards?  Watch this video.

We're having a live event Tuesday night, May 21st at 8:00 PM ESTto launch My Digital ScrapRoom, and you can ask questions and see what others have to say.  Join in the fun, and receive an exclusive Promo Code to purchase your own copy of My Digital ScrapRoom at 20% off!  But you've got to be tuned in to get it.  

If you have a burning question that you want to make sure gets in the event, be sure to post it on our Facebook page today or early tomorrow.  Let your friends know and we'll see you there!


Huge Event - interNational Scrapbook Day!

In case you don't know, we are getting ready for a worldwide event tomorrow - interNational Scrapbook Day!  And we are extra excited, because Stacy Julian, bless her, is going to feature My Digital ScrapRoom at the end of her segment in the Creative Crop at Big Picture Classes!!!  THANK YOU STACY!!

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a HUGE fan of Stacy and her Library of Memories system for scrapbooking, and that, in fact, ScrapRoom was inspired by LOM.  So I'm spending the day getting tutorials ready and getting the word out.  If you haven't signed up for the event, you need to!  Visit: Creative Crop and sign up - it's totally FREE!

ANNNDDDDD - scroll down for some groovy give-away information.....


There are FOUR ways to WIN your own copy of My Digital ScrapRoom Beta tomorrow! ($129 value)

1.  Stacy is going to give away ONE FREE copy of My Digital ScrapRoom tomorrow, AND we are offering a special discount of 20% all downloads tomorrow!  Just enter code:  FINALLY20 in your shopping cart on our website.

2.  My Digital ScrapRoom is having a Facebook contest and giving away another copy - Enter Here.

3 & 4.  TWO lucky people who purchase My Digital ScrapRoom tomorrow will randomly receive a FULL REFUND of their purchase price - making their copy FREE!

That's FOUR ways to WIN!

Please share with your scrapping buddies.  I'll be participating in the challenges, uploading tutorial videos, and looking for artists to post to our NEW Pinterest board.  But you have to have be a user and show me your stuff!  Post in the forum and I'll be on the lookout.

Also - IMPORTANT update for the Final version of ScrapRoom - should be completed in next 2 weeks.  If you've already purchased, you will receive a new download link the minute it's ready.  

There are so many more exciting things going on, I just can't post it all here, so stay up to date and keep an eye out.

Happy iNSD!!!  Also - look for all the freebies for digital elements tomorrow!  I'll be tweeting some, as well.

Are you following me on Twitter?  If you're not, you're missing out!  We post links, freebies, tips, and more every day.  

Blayne  :) 




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