Meet our first Designer of the Month: Rachel Erickson


Meet Rachel Erickson - our first Designer of the Month!  We chose Rachel because we think she just might be a superwoman.  She has just had her second child, opened her own digital design store, and created a special digital kit just for YOU!  We also chose Rachel because she is an amazing designer, whose fresh and whimsical style always puts a smile on our face.

We asked Rachel some fun questions so you can get to know her better.  Check those out below, then hop on over to Rachel's store, Citrus and Mint, to download these two awesome freebies HERE!  Then, show her some love by using your exclusive ScrapRoom 30% discount on anything in the store with code:  JULY13  Also, be sure to thank her for her artful gift by leaving a comment on her blog.  She also left a very sweet post about us!  Thanks so much, Rachel!!

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Chat with Rachel:

Q: Who inspired you to start scrapbooking?
A: When I was in college I lived near my grandpa for the first time. I started to visit him and realized that he had hilarious stories from his childhood that I had never heard before. I wanted to record them in a book that his grandkids would actually pick up and read. I thought the scrapbook look would be more visual and good at combining his stories and photos. Then I was hooked!
Q: Do you still scrap traditionally?
A: Heck no. Digital is so much easier for me, especially when all of my photos are digital. Plus it's so much cheaper, and cleaner. And fun! But you must print out the pages often so you can enjoy them!
Q: What’s your favorite thing about scrapbooking?
A: I like that it combines photos and stories. If it is just stories, people won't read it, and if it's just photos, people won't know the context. Plus papers and elements make it even prettier to look at. :)
Q:  What is your scrapbooking philosophy or style?
A: Put as much on a page as you can! I have a hard time doing one photo or two photo or even three photo layouts. It seems like such a waste! That goes for journaling too.
Q: Where do you get your inspiration for new kits?
A:  I love color so usually it's a color palette that catches my eye. Or I have personal photos that I need to scrap and I don't have a kit for them. Pinterest, J.Crew, Anthropologie, Nordstrom catalogs, fabric, nature are a few other places I find inspiration.
Q: What are your challenges keeping up with photos?
A:  Now that I have the convenience of taking pictures on my phone, I have WAY too many photos. I always forget to delete ones that don't turn out so the (digital) stack just grows and grows.
Q:  How do you organize your photos?
A: At first I organize them by month. Then when the month is over, I group them by theme which will become a scrapbook page (ex. someone's birthday, playing in the backyard).
Q: What blogs/scrapbook publications do you follow?
A: I love to browse the galleries for inspiration at all of the major sites: the Lilypad, Two Peas in a Bucket, Scrap Orchard, Sweet Shoppe Designs, Sugarhill Co,  plus the blogs of my favorite designers from those shops.
Q: Be honest :) …how organized is your crafting space?
A: Because everything is digital, the scrapbooking stuff is fairly organized. I still have a "junk" folder with kits that don't fit anywhere else. I also end up using the same kits over and over because I know what they have and where they are. The sewing, it's all over the place. My husband swears it multiplies at night and we never have enough tupperware to contain all the fabric!
Q:  If you are on a deserted island and could only bring 5 crafting supplies, what would they be?
A: My crafting supplies are all electronic so hypothetically I'd need electricity, but this is all hypothetical right? Gingher Scissors, Bernina sewing machine, computer, camera, Wacom drawing tablet. We may die of starvation, but we would look good and have it well documented. :)
Q: What is your favorite online scrapbooking store?
A: the Lilypad
Q: Do you have a favorite scrapbooking class?
A: I haven't taken a scrapbooking class, but I did take an Illustrator class at Jessica Sprague. I loved it.
Q: What is a random fact about you?
A: My husband calls me a “snobby eater” instead of a “picky eater.” I will love seafood dishes but will starve before I eat a peanut butter sandwich.

Thanks, Rachel, for a peek inside your creative mind.  We look forward to seeing lots of your digital designs!  Don't forget to check out our Designer of the Month Pinterest boards for more inspiration.


Now on Pinterest: Blayne's Home ScrapRoom Organization


Happy Monday everyone!  Have you visited our Pinterest page lately?  Or ever?  We've got some great contect there for you:  scrapbooking freebies, lots of page ideas, and just uploaded:  detail photos of Blayne's home scrapbooking room, or, scraproom.  You see, this is where I got the name for My Digital ScrapRoom.  

Our home scrapping spaces, whether small or large, dedicated or shared, are our happy places.  The places where we go to play, unwind, relax, be inspired.  So I wanted to name the software after my happy place.  ScrapRoom.


Apple's New iOS7 - I can't wait!

Are there any other tech geeks out there who actually watch the Apple KeyNotes when they come online?  I usually do, only it takes me several days because I'm continually feeling guilty for doing this, and not something else more....well, urgent.


A Dad's Love

Of all the things I learned from Stacy Julian (and there are a lot of things), one of the two that gave me the greatest relief and enjoyment was this:

Scrapbooking doesn't have to just be pictures in a book.  It can be just about anything you are doing to document and relive your memories.  It can be a blog, it can be Instagram, a handwritten letter, organizing your photos...anything you are working on can be considered scrapbooking.   (This isn't a direct quote, but it's pretty much what she meant.)


I am lucky enough to be married to a professional photographer who is also a professional artist.  These days, he does just as many original paintings and collage pieces as he does traditional sessions.  Way back in the 90's, when we began our business, our tagline was, "We see your life as a work of art."  It was perfect for us, especially with our emphasis on the artistic side of photography, not just the smile/snap kind.  A few years later, we shortened our tag line to "Your life as art," and every photographer and his brother started copying that.  Dang it, I should have thought to trademark it.

Anyway, being an artist, my husband has always appreciated my hobby as a true art form.  Yes, even when I was still using shaped scissors and stickers.  Thankfully, my style has come a very long way and a few projects even I consider to be art, but still, it's his assessment that makes me happy.

So today, I'd like to consider Bryan a scrapbooker.  Our daughter will be heading off to college soon and he was inspired to make a video, a visual letter....a scrapbook(!) for our daughter, expressing his love as a Dad. 

This was such a beautiful and meaningful piece that I had to share it with my scrapbooking artist friends.  But grab your tissues and hug your kids tightly.....don't say I didn't warn you.  :)  

Click on the link below to see the video:

I Love You, Dad






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