Meet our new Designer OTM - Paula Kesselring

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Meet Paula Kesselring, our August Designer of the Month!
We are thrilled to introduce Paula Kesselring, My Digital ScrapRoom’s August Designer of the Month! Paula is a traditional scrapper turned digital who has a penchant for art journaling. We chose Paula for her innovative scrapbook stylings that always have a story to tell. She also designs for Digi Dares and Gallery Standout! She resides in the beautiful country of Brazil with her husband (and best friend <3) and two teenage daughters.
We asked Paula some questions so that you can find out more about what inspires her charming creations and her can’t live without scrapbooking resources. After you get to know Paula better, head over to her shop at Paula Kesselring Designs  to download some of her famous digi art and start creating!!!
Chat with Paula
1. What or who inspired you to start scrapbooking?
I started scrapping in high school, but not the same paper scrapping we do today. I spent hours cutting photos, gluing stickers and memorabilia together to make my own book covers.
2. When did you begin digital scrapbooking?
After paper scrapping for a few years, I discovered digi scrapping in 2006 and became hooked instantly.
3. Do you still scrap traditional?
With the paper scrap I went a little crazy and documented every moment and bought thousands of different products. However, it was too time consuming and messy with my girls around. I came across digi-scrapping online one day and have never turned back.
4. What’s your favorite thing about scrapbooking?
I like the entire process, from the shopping for supplies to completed pages. I really love the relaxing feeling and the process of completing a page and trying new things.
5. What is your scrapbooking philosophy or style?
There’s no doubt about it; scrapbooking is a lifestyle. I have a basic, realistic style.
6. Where do you get your inspiration for new kits?
Pretty much everything inspires me from cereal packages to television commercials.
7. How do you organize your photos?
My hard drive is getting a bit cluttered. Since we have so many pictures to work with, I simply created one folder for each year of my life {1985, 1986, 1987, etc.} and then put the photos from that year into the appropriate folders.
8. What blogs/scrapbook publications do you follow?
OMG! I have started following Digi Dares and Gallery Standouts years ago and now I’m one of the Dares and GSO girls!
9. Be honest :) …how organized is your crafting space?
I have drawers where I keep almost everything : my computer stuff, my bills and important documents, my tools and the stuff that I’ll scan.  All my other stuff I keep in containers that are easy to rearrange and carry around.
10. If you are on a deserted island and could only bring 5 crafting supplies, what would they be?
Papers, paintbrushes, paints, ribbons and buttons.
11. What is your favorite online scrapbooking store?
Oscraps! I also love the girls at The-LilyPad.
12.  What is a random fact about you?
I hate airplanes!
Thank you so much, Paula, for sharing and we look forward to seeing what users design with your great products.

Dwayne Johnson & My Birthday Special Offer


It's my birthday!  And while my wish for a birthday hug from Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) isn't gonna happen - I'm here to celebrate with YOU.

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Vacation Photo Fail (Thanks, anyway, Kelly Purkey)

photo fail

That's my little vacation scrapbook kit, inspired by Kelly Purkey's video (below);

Kelly Purkey's Vacation Scrapbook Kit

Found this adorable video of Kelly Purkey's mini-travel scrapbooking kit.  Did you know that Kelly was a hipster scrapbooker?  I didn't even know there was such a thing, but if there is, it is most certainly KellyP.  In the video, she shows Glossed and Found what to pack to be ready for travel and to be able to scrapbook on the road.  Great, huh?

So, here's the basics, but watch the video to see all the details.

Small journal or mini-book

Date Stamp, Ink, Journaling pen

Washi tape

Instax camera/film

Well, I had all this, so when we packed for our recent two week trip to California, I threw all my gear in a cute little bag and off we went.  What a cute way to document our trip and have something in hand when we got home!

Only we were running around so much, we never got our little bag out!  :(  Total mini-book fail on our part.  Now, that does not mean we didn't take photos.  I just downloaded about 1,400 into ScrapRoom to sort, and my husband was busying taking all video, so I think we have plenty of documentation.  I kept some notes on my iphone about things we said, did.  We were just SO into our trip that we didn't grab the big ol' Instax to take with us.  

Good news is, I do have one of those Pivi printers (was a real pain to order from China) and I can load some memory cards and print out some Instax prints and make a little mini-book from home.  So even though this was kind of a vacation photo fail, the most important thing was to enjoy my vacation with my family.  (There will definitely be more on this trip, because it was BIG!)  I can and will make an incredible book from my photos and my notes.

So my take-away on this is:  If you are organized enough to make this happen - DO IT!  I'd also love to see your results. But if you're like me and just can't make it happen, don't stress.  Have a great trip.  Make a few notes, take lots of photos, and later is just as good as now.  AND, thank you, Kelly Purkey, for your inspiration.  I'll try again next year.  But seriously, how do you stay so thin??  All those food photos are killing me!  :)

How have your vacations been?  Where have you gone?  Where will you go?  Let me know.



Tour Blayne's Scrapbook Room!


Welcome to My Personal ScrapRoom!

Organizing is one of my very favorite things to do - right up there with dining out, going to the movies, and yes, scrapbooking.  My husband teases me that I spend more time rearranging my stuff than I do actually working with it.  And indeed, he could be right.

But there is something so soothing about making things beautiful and efficient.  Making an item that is functional also look great.  I have reorganized many times, but I think this time might be the one! Well, no, that would take all the fun out of life, wouldn't it?  

My challenge for this project was to include my computer in my space.  I share half of a 14x10 room with my daughter, who is also an artist.  I really didn't think that I could get the computer in the space, but after several tries, it worked.  Since I am now able to use My Digital ScrapRoom to organize my photos - it's not just a dream - I wanted to be able to have my computer as part of my workflow process instead of being in another room.

So here goes!  Let me know what you think?  What's your favorite part?  Do you have questions?


See the full video HERE.





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