Welcome to Photo Harmony Class!

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Photo Harmony - the photo organizational class for ScrapRoom users, just started two days ago and I've already gotten this feeback from user Jacqui:  "The first thing I'm grateful for is your instruction class!  Thanks for bringing the fun back into my scrapbooking."

If you are already a ScrapRoom user, you can still get in on this FREE class.  Later, it's going to be $49-$79.  But right now, one of the perks is being able to get personal instruction from me and join in the fun.

If you would like to purchase ScrapRoom now and take advantage of this special offer, simply create an account, purchase ScrapRoom and email me (scraproom@me.com) to let me know you want IN!!  It's that easy.  We are just beginning so don't worry that you are already behind.  We are taking it nice and slow because this is important.

In class we will be learning about:

Setting up Collections and sub-Collections

Keywording and Tagging Efficiently

How to Organize Digital Elements

Setting up your own Personal/Customized Digital Workflow

and more!

EXTRA BONUS - early adapters of My Digital ScrapRoom not only receive the free class to get moving on their photos, but also receive FREE UPGRADES through 2013!!  There is a big one about to be released and at least one more after that before Christmas.  Don't miss this opportunity.

Hope to see you soon!


Photo credit: http://sixbluepetals.wordpress.com/2010/03/10/habits-of-happy-women/


Meet Designer of the Month - Ginnifer Bursett

Designer of the Month .004

Introducing My Digital ScrapRoom’s September Designer of the Month, Gennifer Bursett! Gennifer is a digital scrapper who resides in the beautiful mountains of Park City, Utah with her husband, four children and Saint Bernard. We chose Gennifer to be featured in our Designer of the Month series for  her clever pattern play, wonderful use of color and the rich stories she tells through her designs.


Gennifer loves telling the story behind the picture so we asked her a few fun questions to learn more about her story! After you get to know Gennifer, visit her shop to download some of her designs at Pixels and Company and start telling your very own scrapbook stories. 




1. What or who inspired you to start scrapbooking?


I've always been a bit of a memorabilia freak, even as a child I kept a "treasure box" of things I didn't want to get rid of. My first scrapbook-as-we-know-it came in the form of a high-school competition when I was chosen to represent my school in a state-wide contest. I felt it was the best way to showcase my talents and achievements, while referencing my love of art. 



2. When did you begin digital scrapbooking? 


I started digital scrapbooking in 2009. With four children under the age of 9, traditional was just not feasible. It was too messy and there were too many hands around that could mess things up. 



3. Do you still scrap traditional? 


I do a bit of card-making when I feel the urge to scrapbook, but mostly, no.



4. What’s your favorite thing about scrapbooking? 


I love watching my kids pull out the albums and look through the photos. I dig sharing my stories and making pretty things, but seeing them read through the books trumps it all. (Although choosing fonts is a pretty close second.)



5. What is your scrapbooking philosophy or style? 


I'm all about the stories. I'm not an event scrapper and probably never will be. I don't do "caught up" or chronological. Sometimes the story is best told with no photos and sometimes the same photo can tell 5 different stories. I dig them all.



6. Where do you get your inspiration for new kits? 


I always start with color schemes and I LOVE putting them together. I don't often do event-type kits, but more of everyday-life kits, so a generic theme is usually the next thing to be chosen. Pinterest is a favorite, as are clothes.

7. What are your challenges keeping up photos? 


With Instagram, not much. ;)



8. How do you organize your photos? 


I organize them in folders by date.



9. What blogs/scrapbook publications do you follow? 


Honestly, I don't think I've read a blog in months. I mostly follow people on Facebook and Instagram.



10. Be honest :) …how organized is your crafting space? 


Actually, extremely organized. My work desk, on the other hand...



11. If you are on a deserted island and could only bring 5 crafting supplies, what would they be? 


Yeah, I'd totally die without technology, so I'm not going to bother choosing. If I don't have internet and a power source, it doesn't even matter.



12.  What is your favorite online scrapbooking store? 


Pixels and Company, obviously. ;)



13.  Do you have a favorite scrapbooking class? 


I've never actually taken one, but I keep eyeballing this one: Title Express by Tiffany Tillman. I love typography and Tiffany is always teaching me new things!



14. What is a random fact about you? 


I was put through two grades at once in Elementary School. I went to one class in the morning and the second in the afternoon.



Thank you so much, Gennifer, and we look forward to seeing what our users design with your products!


CrashPlan - You're Killing Me

So here we are, five days later than my last update on my EHD crash and my experience restoring from my off-site backup.  And still, no restore.  I have made 5 phone calls, each escalating in desperation, and sent numerous emails.

I ordered CrashPlan's Restore to Door service, which cost a cool $164, hoping to get my files back on a new hard drive, intact and fairly stress-free within a few days, just as CrashPlan's website promises.  Easy peasy, right?


It happened to me TWICE - lost my images on an EHD!

hard driveWhere are your photos backed up?  An external drive?  Anywhere?  Because I'm here to tell you that's not good enough.  In the last couple of years, I've had not one, but TWO external hard drives just die on me.  One minute they work, the next....nothing.

Both drives have been a WD My Book product, but I have no idea if that had anything to do with it. This year, I got smart, though, and started using an off-site storage company.  I had heard good things about CrashPlan so I signed up.




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