Play Event with Stacy Julian and Big Picture Classes

me stacy cropI was so excited to be able to go to Big Picture's Play Even in California this past January with Stacy Julian and a whole roster of fabulous teachers: Amy Tan, Tammy Tutterow, Tami Morrison, Ali Edwards, Heidi Swap, Elise Blaha Cripes, and more. 

The 2 day event was unlike any other event I had attended, but was a truly refreshing surprise. Everything was relaxed, upbeat, and just FUN. Each class was in the same giant room, so there was no rushing around from place to place, and there was no pressure to complete 10 projects.

We were encouraged to just let loose and actually play -


Play with Stacy Julian and Big Picture Classes

CHA and 'PLAY' with Stacy Julian - all in one week!



Whew! What a whirlwind week! First, I made the rounds at CHA in Anaheim and then spent the remainder of the week with Big Picture Classes and their Play event. This is BPC's second BIG event and I'd have to say it was a winner.  What I love most about Stacy Julian is her ability to connect with others and her love of the entire process of making and curating the moments that make up our lives.


New User Guide Released!


Scraproom Horizontal 2 smallHappy New Year!

It was an extremely busy holiday season for us: working on two books, working on the upcoming update, remodeling my physical scrapbook room for book photos, and then all the artic cold temperatrues, broken water pipes...yes, it's been quite busy around here.

BUT I'm happy to announce we have the first three sections of our new ScrapRoom User Guide complete and available for download. We sent out link instructions to our mailing list, but if you did not receive it, please email us and let us know. Also be sure to sign up for our email newsletter so you'll hear about coming updates and promotions.

Be sure to follow me on Instagram next week while I attend CHA and Play, with Stacy Julian, Ali Edwards, Tracey Clark, Heidi Swapp, May Flaum, Elise Cripe, and Tammy Tutterow. It should be a super fun learning and networking event and I'll be posting on Instagram: blaynewhite and also tagging #BPCPlayEvent.

While I did not get much sleep during the holidays, I'm really excited and proud of where things are with our new books coming out. I will begin another Photo Harmony class - which will be changing to reflect the name of the companion book to "Photo Alchemy". Just in case you're not familiar with the word alchemy - it means "a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination". Perfect for transforming our photo libraries!  The book will be available this spring as an e-book - unless I luck up and land a publishing deal at CHA!  Ha!

Take care and I'll check in again soon.



Catching Up With You!

Season's Greetings! Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

I was reminded by a user that I needed to check in and let everyone know what is going on with ScrapRoom.

tradition family page smallFirst of all, our Photo Harmony class has been a success, with users writing in with lovely things to say about their progress and ScrapRoom.  I feel like I have a whole little army of new friends out there, so THANK YOU to everyone who participated and I would also like to add a few more lessons on creating projects after the holidays.  Be on the lookout for an email about that.




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