Reorganizing My Scrapbook Room, Again

This post is kind of like saying goodbye to my current creative space. My friends know my favorite thing to do is to organize and reorganize my scrapbook room. I love purging and sorting and collecting - it's a stress buster for me. This time, however, I have a real reason to reorganize! My daughter, who's off to the 'Harvard of Art Schools' (SCAD), has taken her art table with her and now I have an entire room to be disposal for the first time! I don't know what to do with myself.

Here is a photo of my half of the original space. Pretty cluttered, huh? It was organized, but the clutter was starting to drain my energy a bit. I was using the (now discontinued) Ikea Expedit bookcases for most of my storage needs and they were working fine. Which items do you think will make the cut for my newly remodeled space? (Hint, you can check out my Pinterest Board HERE to get a sneak peak of a couple of new inspiration pieces.)

scrapbook room blue


American Crafts Acquires Bazzill Basics

American Crafts acquires Bazzill Basics!

Bazzill Basics logoNancy Nally just announced that American Crafts has acquired Bazzill Basics Paper. You can read the entire article HERE.  I'm not sure how I feel about this, and I must admit, my heart is palpatating a bit thinking about it.


No More Local Scrapbook Stores....

mary closingNo More Local Scrapbook Stores...

Last Saturday was a sad, sad day. The last local scrapbook store in our area closed. And even worse, it was owned by my best friend, Mary.

Mary had a dream to create a happy place for paper artists and scrapbookers to gather and create. A place where creativity could simmer and boil over. A place to learn and share ideas. A place that featured the latest in products and styles.

And she did it. She built that place. Mary's dream came true. Until it didn't.

I was with her 4 of the days during her closing sale, just an extra body in the store to help count paper and carry things to the cars, and mostly, just for emotional support. It was uplifting to see how many loyal customers came in for a last purchase, to give Mary a hug, and say goodbye.






You just never know where you'll find your inspiration - whether it's inspiration for a project you've been working on, or just a nudge of sunshine to get you through your day. Believe me, throughout this long hard journey to software creation, which still seems overwhelming at times, I've needed little bursts of sunshine to keep me moving forward.




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