Version 2 User Guide Is In the Shop

Great news - the completely updated ScrapRoom User Guide is now available in our Shop. You can download it HERE. The User Guide has step by step instructions, color photos, tips, tricks, and an FAQ section. If you can't find an answer there, be sure to ask in our Forum. I know it's not so busy yet bc people generally email me directly, but we're getting there. OR, does that mean it's so easy, there aren't any questions??? Hmmmm....excited-person-scraproom-software


Houston - We have a PATENT!

We are super-excited to confirm that ScrapRoom's US Patent is OFFICIAL! It took about 4 years and a great attorney and lots of agonizing, but we now hold US Patent 8,762,826,B2.

Now where can I get one of those pretty plaques like Lori Grenier on Shark Tank??

Patent SR



Why Harry Potter is more than just a book to me

harry potter book damaged alyx scraproom software scrapbookingI know Harry Potter is a huge, world-wide sensation. And sure, he's been on the back-burner for a bit after all the movies have come and gone. But when I heard that Universal Orlando was opening Diagon Alley this summer, I just could not think of anything else until I booked a trip. 

Because like so many other parents out there, Harry Potter is so much more to me than just a character in a book. It was a gajillion life moments and memories with my kids. 

1997: I actually first learned of Harry Potter at a scrapbooking crop. There was some heated discussion about how some of the moms were not letting the kids read the books because they involved witchcraft. Of course, my interest was peaked - not because I'm into witchcraft, but because they were so vehemently wanting to censor a kid's book. I jumped in with both feet and bravely asked: "Have any of you actually READ the book?"


July 4th: What I Learned When I Deleted 4,000+ Photos In One Weekend

Deleting photos can be hard. I know. Some people have a harder time than others deleting their photos. Prior to creating ScrapRoom Software, I had about 28,000 photos in my iPhoto library, and during the creation process, racked up another several thousand and at last count, I had over 31,000 photos to transfer to my wonderful new ScrapRoom Software. (And yes, I'm going through the same process the rest of you are, moving from one library to another.) 

So this holiday weekend, since we didn't have any fabulous plans, I decided it was time to bite the bullet. Prior to moving my photos, it makes more sense to purify my photo library and only spend effort transferring photos that I actually wanted to keep, right?




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