Are Your Photos Protected? Do You Have a Backup Plan?

I recently attended RootsTech, the largest conference for family historians and genealogists. One of my top priorities was to find the right online backup for my huge photo collection. I have tons of CDs and DVDs backing up some of my first digital photos, but they degrade and it's time to get my photos OFF the discs. Also, both my new computers don't even have a CD/DVD drive, so those discs are pretty much going the way of the VHS tape. I also have an external hard drive backing up my more recent photos, but if my hard drive dies, my computer is stolen, or we experience a fire or natural disaster, that EHD is no help at all. I knew I had to find an off-site, automatic backup solution.

One speaker asked everyone in one of the workshops if they would take $1 Million dollars to erase their entire history in photos, including paper photos, online photos, digital photos, social media, everything. 

And did anyone take him up on it....?  Umm, NO.

Unfortunately, when it comes to backing up our photos, we tend to put it off until tomorrow. And then tomorrow never comes - or worse, we experience an irreplaceable loss of photos. I'd like to share my 'find' with you:  FOREVER

Here is what my home page for my permanent online storage looks like:




What Are Users Saying About ScrapRoom's Features?

I could also call this article: How to Use a 2 page Sketch or How to Make a 2 page Digital Scrapbook Layout

Helping users and potential users with their struggles in digital scrapbooking and organizing their photos is the whole reason behind the creation of ScrapRoom. This week, a potential user wrote in and asked if ScrapRoom could be used with her 2 page sketches. Instead of just replying 'yes' - I made a video for her, using the actual sketch she was inquiring about. Scroll down to see the video, but here's what she said when she saw it:

"HOLY MOLY!!!!!!!!  I don’t know what to say…I am speechless!  I’m serious!!!
I was able to see the 2 page spread…..OH SO CUTE!!!!!  You are just amazing!
OK, and I just viewed your video……OMG!!!!  What???  Are you serious??  Really????
I feel so honored and touched that you did all this for me… heart is just so full….thank you Blayne!  :)
The page is very cute and you made it look so easy!  I was sitting here and saying “wow, in PSE I would still be floundering around”!
I love it!  Thank you so much!  Amazing!!!  If you were here I would give you a huge hug! "
And THAT is the entire reason I created ScrapRoom to begin with. Thank you so much to my new friend, Cindy. :) Click on the video to watch:
week 2 thumbnail sketch 
Our Organize Your Photos Class is off to a great start and it's not too late to jump in. The video above is a good idea of some of the more 'advanced' things we'll be learning in our 3rd class, Dabbling in Digital. But did you notice how easy this 'advanced' page was? Imagine all the possibilities with ScrapRoom. You CAN do this. Check out our classes HERE.
Have a great week!

Questions I get asked most often: How do I get my photos off my phone?

How can I get my photos off my phone?

Can I print photos from my phone?

How do I use AirDrop to move photos off my phone?

These are the questions I get asked most often and after much knashing of teeth (this one was pretty tedious), I have prepared a video answering all three of these questions. If you watch and learn a little something, please click the 'Like' button. It will make me feel better. Enjoy!

Page 37


Our ClassRoom is Open: Let's Get Organized

It's here and it's time to get organized. What are you waiting for? Don't know where to start? Feeling overwhelmed? I get it. That's why I stuck with the creation of ScrapRoom - even when I felt like quitting because it was so hard. I know there are SO many out there just like me who just couldn't find the right program or method to get started taming my out of control photo library. And you know what? It's so much easier when we get do this together. You're not alone. Here's quick intro to our first 3 classes:

class intro video thumbnail


If you're already a ScrapRoom user, you can pick your first class FREE. But if you're not a ScrapRoom user, there's still time for you to save and get started...






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