Happy National Scrapbooking Day!

Happy NDSD-6


Hooray - we're celebrating National Digital Scrapbooking Day with a special offer on BOTH ScrapRoom AND Gather. I figured it wouldn't be fair to not match pricing on both, so take advantage while you can. No code necessary - just visit our shop HERE.*

I'm going to try to work on my Alaska trip photos today - let's see what I get finished. I'll be posting some pages tomorrow on IG. Be sure to follow me HERE

*Update: We just found out Saturday (at a most unfortunate time during a promotion) that there was a Java update end of last week that is affecting ScrapRoom. We will address this first thing Monday and it will be a FREE update for our users. Java updates are not something we can control and we can only react, but as always, we will address it immediately and get everyone back up and running. It's not affecting everyone - just some. If you take advantage of this week's offer and have any issues opening ScrapRoom, no worries - look for the email with the update. If you would rather wait until this is fixed to purchase, please feel free to email me HERE and I'll send you a free promotional code to extend the offer once the bug is corrected. 

Have a great weekend!

Happy Scrapping!



Barb Groth's New Book Added to our Store

 I mentioned a while back that Barb Groth had re-issued her book "Guide to Creating a Digital Genealogy Scrapbook" to include instructions for ScrapRoom. Now we've added her book to our store!

It's actually a link to her store, so be sure to click on the link in the description and don't try to add it to your cart here. We'll get that updated soon so that it will go directly to her cart, but for now, we'd love to share Barb's book with you!

Barb is a digital genealogy specialist and her book is full of tips and tricks for creating a family history book that will beg to shared! No more boring binders.

We will be working together soon to create an edition for Gather. Barb was a huge inspiration for creating our Gather Software and I look forward to working with her more, possibly at some events!



Doing a Print Test for the Best Photos Possible

Hey there! My summer break is winding down (I'll be back full time after Labor Day), but this article just came across my desk and I HAD to share. Funnily enough, I was talking about this earlier today with a potential client who wants to create a Senior scrapbook for her son graduating in May. She is about to print scads of photos and wanted to know where to print locally. My advice is to do a PRINT TEST with your photos. I share how to do this in my Photo Alchemy classes, but you can also watch a short video by clicking on the photo link below:

How To Do a Print Test to Find the Right Printer for your Digital Photos by ScrapRoom Software

To read the article from Clickin Moms, a professional photographers magazine for women, click HERE.  The writer is a professional photographer who is using a professional printing lab not available to the public, but it's important to do a print test for your consumer labs to get the most out of your photos.

Click through to read more about how to do this on your own.


ScrapRoom Featured in Class at SoCal Genealogy Jamboree


ScrapRoom-Software-Barb-Groth-book-family-digital-history-book-genealogySOLD OUT! I reported recently that ScrapRoom was featured in Barb Groth's class at the SoCal Genealogy Jamboree AND that Barb was re-writing her book to have ScrapRoom replace Adobe products (yay!). I'm thrilled to report that Barb's book not only sold out, but that the Jamboree has already asked Barb and I to teach again next year! 

I was in Alaska while the class was going on for a much needed family getaway (watch for videos coming soon on creating a digital photo book and organizing my vacation photos) but Barb reported that some students were skipping ahead and working on their own during class because they were able to pick up the software on their own. That's exactly how we planned for ScrapRoom to work!

During class, users downloaded the free demo of ScrapRoom, then downloaded a free template from YinDesigns and created a page live in class. 

Barb is a true authority on family history and genealogy, as well as creating digital family history books and we have some exciting plans for working together in the coming year. More on that later.....

Hope you are having a super summer!





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