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ScrapRoom Software was specifically created as the single place for anyone who loves photos to organize, store and share all of your pictures, stories, and memories. Whether you are a family historian, genealogist, scrapbooker, or simply a photo enthusiast, ScrapRoom has everything you need to preserve your life. 

ScrapRoom is the premier photo software that allows you to organize your photos, document your stories, then share and create with digital features easily and quickly within ONE product. It's Mac and PC compatible and patented, so you won't find these features anywhere else.

In seconds, import photos and design elements into ScrapRoom and keep everything nice and neat with organization designed by you, using dual libraries, nested tagging, and a robust search feature. Bookmark your progress or things you need to remember. Immediately see if your photos have been printed and/or used in a project. And so much more. 


I'm impressed! ScrapRoom was obviously created by someone who understands the frustrations and feelings of being overwhelmed that accompany memory keeping in the digital age. I like it.

Stacy Julian

Author, scrapbooking expert & creator of the Library of Memories system.


  • One easy to learn software for all your needs - Mac or PC
  • Find your photos in seconds with robust Search, Tagging, and Rating
  • Organize photos, stories, and elements in separate but quickly accessible libraries
  • Easy and Quick Import from a cell phone or a camera
  • Customizable workflow to suit your needs
  • Print at home or upload to your favorite site
  • Your Story: Add to every photo and they stay with that photo wherever it goes
  • Bookmark your work and never lose your place again
  • Share on social media and include Your Story with one click.
  • Batching: Simultaneously make changes, such as date or color, to entire groups of photos 

Advanced features:

  • Create Pages: Drag and drop photos to create a book or individual pages
  • Create Collage: Combine photos and elements into a standard or custom collage to print at home, at your favorite lab, or to include in a complete book design
  • Drag and Drop to create journaling cards and 3x4 prints for pocket page scrapbooking
  • Use designer overlays with just a few clicks for professional looking projects
  • Use designer templates and Quick Pages for fast digital projects
  • Drag and drop features throughout
  • Project Editor: Create a custom page or complete scrapbook using any designer’s templates and elements and just drag and drop your images onto the completed page

What makes ScrapRoom Software the perfect option for scrapbookers?

  • One affordable software program to learn and use
  • Compatible with both PCs and Macs
  • Total integration of photos, design elements and design functions
  • Designed specifically for scrapbookers and photo enthusiasts
  • Organize the way you want - not a preprogrammed option



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