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My Digital ScrapRoom organizes and stores your entire collection of photos, elements and stories so you can find and use whatever you want whenever you want it. It’s everything you need to create both traditional and digital projects. Whether you print or share your creations online it’s the newest, easiest way to love your photo collection again.


Blayne White

creator of ScrapRoom

“I created this product because I was overwhelmed by my digital photos.”

Since digital photography appeared, my priceless collection of photos and scrapbooking elements had become so overwhelming I couldn’t find a thing. I had thousands of photos on my phone, but no way to organize them so I could easily find them. I had a hard drive full of design elements but no way to find the specific one I needed. My frustration was starting to make scrapbooking a chore and I could barely face my photos. My stories were getting lost. Then I decided to do something about it.

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I'm impressed! ScrapRoom was obviously created by someone who understands the frustrations and feelings of being overwhelmed that accompany memory keeping in the digital age. I like it.

Stacy Julian

Author, scrapbooking expert & creator of the Library of Memories system.

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